Welcome to the new Fazer Experience!

In the autumn of 2016, Fazer celebrated its 125th anniversary by opening a visitor centre with a memorable exhibition, a Fazer Café and a store, as well as event and meeting services. The visitor centre, located at Fazerila, is an investment in Finnish design and work. Its design is the handiwork of Finnish architects K2S, and the construction work is being carried out by SRV. The visitor experience at the centre has been designed by Ateljé Sotamaa.

Experience the familiar Fazer in a new way – using all your senses
Fazer has been providing visitor activities for over 60 years. We host roughly 50,000 visitors every year. The new centre will allow us to provide you with a more memorable and educational visiting experience than ever before. You will get to experience, among other things, Fazer’s activities, its extensive product selection, as well as its long history, corporate responsibility and innovations.

Interesting themes are tied together with the unique architecture, turning the visiting experience into something fresh and different. Well-being and a balance of luxuries are the visitor centre’s main themes. We want to welcome each and every one of our visitors to experience Fazer in their own way.

Fazer Visitor Centre green areas

The visiting experience begins outside!

You approach the Fazer Visitor Centre through a slightly winding path that invites you to stop and admire the variety of plant life. The plants have mainly been chosen from the useful plants and crops that Fazer uses as raw materials in its production and cooking.

The trees in the area are typical Finnish trees, such as rowans, silver birches and pines, as well as fruit trees that flower in the spring, like cherry, apple, pear and plum trees. The area’s shrubs are black- and redcurrant, as well as familiar spiraea and dwarf mountainpine. Closest to the visitor centre’s entrance is a group of annual useful plants, like sugar beet, rapeseed and sunflowers.

Finnish grain is extremely important to Fazer. The highlight of the visitor centre is, therefore, a summertime field of the primary grains – barley, oats, wheat and rye – as a city plot in Vantaa.