Sustainability is in the core of Fazer strategy which focuses on wellbeing, enjoyment and craftmanship implemented in a sustainable way. Companies are expected to find and create more and more solutions to make the world a better place for all of us. In Fazer Experience Visitor Centre sustainability is embedded in everything we do.

Here are a few examples:

  • The building has been constructed to be timeless and durable – both domestic work and materials have been favoured
  • The premises are accessible
  • The amount of biogas needed for heating is produced out of Fazer production waste
  • The amount of electricity needed for lighting is derived from solar panels located on office roofs
  • Careful sorting of different types of waste in kitchen, café and shop
  • We avoid food waste in many ways, e.g. sell products that would go to waste via ResQ application
  • We educate our visitors - especially students - about recycling and encourage them to recycle their litter too.
  • In the exhibition e.g. the following themes are presented: healthy food, wellbeing of brains, recycling, food waste, side streams, Baltic Sea and sustainable farming
  • The tropical inner garden, the garden outside with its´seasonal greenroom and the hydroponic farm in the exhibition encourage to learning about nature and inspire to plant something as well
  • Co-operation with schools and local operators, e.g. handicraft workshops
  • Local production favoured in shop product choices
  • Our shopping and gift bags are made of either FCS certified paper or Paptic. Both materials are renewable and suitable for paper and biowaste recycling. The bags can also be reused.
  • At the cash desks customers are always asked whether they want a receipt or not. Because the answer is often no, in this way we save both paper and nature.

Fazer Experience Visitor Centre has been awarded the Sustainable Travel Finland certificate by Visit Finland.


Note! Fazer Experience Shop has an area that offers a variety of products that are discounted for one reason or another. In some, the best before date is approaching soon. In some others, the packaging is not necessarily perfect. We want to offer them at good price for the joy of our customers and in order to avoid unnecessary food waste.